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Testimonials (via unsolicited emails)

Chas, Thanks for all your help! I enjoy doing business with you guys, and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks for getting this worked out! Brittney

Boy, that was fast! Good job guys! This helps me do MY job easier! :)


Thank you for the confirm. Your company is by far out performing the rest of the industry in everyway imaginable. I am very grateful for your service and courtesy. I do a ton of refinance loans thru Lending Tree and will keep them coming your way!Thank you again, Daniel

Chas, We enjoy doing business with you because of your excellent service and wonderful communication.Have a great day! Lynne

Oh, my gosh. You are so good. Now i remember why I love southern CA loans. Thank you so very much. Kim

Chas, I just really want to thank you for everything you have done for me on this edited report. It really means a lot to me especially when doing this was not on the top of your list. The appraiser did an excellent job so I don't know why there was any problem with the lender, but I want you to know I do not expect this on every appraisal. You really took care of me, just like before, and this will not go unnoticed. Thank you so much, Kent

I appreciate how prompt your company is. By far the best I have dealt with. Chris

WOW! What service!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the quick turn time. I do approximtely 3 - 4 transactions in Southern Cal annually and will remember you! Have a great day! Judy

Chas, You are my SUPERSTAR Thank You SOOOOOOOO Much. Carolyn

I will send an email out today to the office about how impressed I am with your service! You guys are great compared to my Kmart appraiser I was working with before! Sincerely, JG

Hello Everyone,

This is the appraiser of choice to use when doing loans in Southern California. Prompt and courteous service. Reasonable fees. No excuses, and most important, professionalism and experience. This firm stands head and shoulders above the rest. If you want your loans to fund smoothly, then please request them on your next appraisal request. Ric (this was an inter-office email)

Chas, Sending you a MILLION THANKS!!! Crystal

Thank You. You are my hero and truly the Best. Huey


Thanks, that was quick and is greatly appreciated. I am definitely going to use your services whenever I can. Chris

With your speed and updating system, which is so important, I have now given my LO's your info to become our number 1 choice for appraisal service in the areas you cover, thank you so much ! Kirk

Again..Thanks for the great turnaround! Less than a week on both of the last two orders I've sent you!! Great Job! Regards, Ray

Thanks for all the updates, i do want to let you know that the client was very impressed with your proffessionalism, and she gave me a lot of credit too for using your services:), Alex



Awesome! Mike


Your are the best-so happy when I go to and your name pops up-life is good when this happens. Thanks!!! Joyce

--- I have been happy using you for Southern California ---- and will continue---- Shelley

Chas, You are the BEST.. Thank you so very much for all your great work, Thanks a Bunch, Carolyn

Thanks so much Chas!!! I will make sure to send you our business! Laura

Chas, Not sure if it will ever come up, but I wanted you to know that if anyone I knew was looking for an appraiser in Southern California, I would not hesitate to recommend you. I sincerely appreciate the patience you had with my questions and your quick responses to the same. Thanx again. Karen

I am impressed with your speed. Do you all go to Oakland? Eileen

hey guys, thanks for the outstanding job(s)..!! Rick

thanks, you're the best. Mary

Thank you for your companies very prompt and attentive service. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I hope to bring more customers your way in the future. Gib

Thank you for the service during these busy times. We look forward to working together in the future. Bill

Thank you for your quick turnaround time. I will be using your company again in the near future. Mike

Once again a job well done and so fast. Thank You

Thanks for the quick response, sounds like you know a thing or two about service!!! Will fill out the order form immediately. Thanks again, look forward to working with you on this and future deals! Midori

Wow! Now that's what I call a quick response! I will be certain to contact you in the future with more business.Lisa

Thanks, you guys are California's BEST!!!!!!!!! Rob

I am going to have to cancel the order, per the customers request. But, thank you very much for all your help and hopefully I can send more business your way. I really appreciate your hard work. Nicholas

Thank you, I know you are and only the best appraiser in CA. Somm

Thanks for the follow up!! Shadi

THIS IS THE BEST COMPANY TO USE FOR ALL OF YOUR CALIFORNIA APPRAISALS..... SUPER FAST AND GREAT COMMUNICATION - KEEPS YOU UPDATED EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. CHRIS...Amen to that, they pulled like 25 comps on my last deal! Craig...They are fantastic and do great appraisals..........ab (inter-office email)

Thanks, Thuy! It really helps to have the update so I can look for the appraisal. I received the file about 20 minutes later. Stu

thank youchas, you guys provide amazing customer service!!!! we app. it! Natilie

Thank you for your professional and fast services appraisal on Rosewood Ave, Los Angeles, CA. Keep up the good work. We will send all works in Southern California to you. Somm

Great! Thanks for following up! You're awsome! Alyson

Thank you for your excellent customer service and prompt turnaround time. I will be sending you plenty more business in the future and I will also refer you to the other 25-30 loan officers in the office. Nathan

You\92ve been great! Once again I appreciate all your work, Jay

Thank you for coming through on this for me in such a short time. This client is very special and we are trying to help her as soon as possible. You have helped us in the process and I greatly appreciate it.Jack

Thanks for your fast turn around. Carlos

Thank you sooooo much for your work!! It looks great, as always!! Mark

Thank you... I like the way you update your information and keep your clients updated. Michelle

Wow - Many thanks - Tiff

Thank you for your prompt service. You are the best. Carolyn

Thanks again for the prompt response. I will definitely recommend your company if I know anyone that is in the market for an appraisal. You are a very pleasant lady to deal with. Take care, Thuy. Howard

not bad turnaround time. i like it. hope to do more buz with you guys. gene

You guys are the best, thanx Sheree'

You the man! Steve

Thanks Chas. Working with you is a real pleasure. Ira

Thanks Chas! I really appreciate you guys working that in your schedule. Jay

Thanks Chas...That was absurdly FAST! My parents will be stoked......Dan

We really enjoy it when the appraisers call right away because otherwise our customers call us every single day wanting to know when the appraiser is going to call!! Lyndal

Great! Thanks so much. I guess my processing department failed to verify that. You guys are on top of it!!! Rick

Thank you sir I greatly appreciate all of your hard work sooooooooooooooo much...Carolyn

Thank you for your prompt attention to our request =). Edward

You are my HERO! Thanks! Go ahead with it! Larissa

Chas, I can't thank you enough!! I really appreciate it! Amy

I appreciate the timely response. I will recommend your services to my co-workers. Philip

thx. you're the man! Phiho

Reggie, Thanks for the quick work! Lorry

you guys are great!!! thanks for your hard work. we will use you again soon i hope. todd

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your service has been fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark

Thanks a lot. I'm very impressed with the speed and efficiency. I wish all appraisers were as efficient as you. Thanks again. Cheers, Scott

As always thank for all of your great work. Carolyn

Thank you so much. Expect more business from me in the future. It's the least I can do. John

Thanks! Excellent job and super turn around!Best regards, Robert

You do a great job for us and I would not jeopardize that. My loan officer has nothing but great confidence in your service. We will always make sure you are paid promptly. Patti

Chas, Thank you for the update, I have every confidence in your company's abilities and appreciate it BIG time! Thanks again, Daniel

Thanks. You're awesome. Nancy

Thank You and let me just say that you guys have been the most thorough appraisal company that I have used to this point! CR

Thank You, You guys rock I really want to thank you so much for your wonderful work. You are the best. Carolyn

Thank You! For you prompt service. I wish I could find an appraiser in my area as fast as you. Thanks again, Jennifer

thank you for your great work :) Danielle

You're the best! Chris

Reggie, I really appreciate your help. You guys have been very professional and efficient. Thank You, Jeff

I appreciate your professionalism and when I don‘t have such a rush needed like these were, I will definitely use your service. My company has 15 loan officers and we are always looking for quality appraisers. Talk to you soon, Mike

Thanks! Nice service, the email updates!!! Tim

Hi Chas, You are the best! Thank you so much. Mona

Chas, Thanks for the quick and complete response! mo

thank you very much, received the appraisal. really appreciate your great service. Van

Thanks Chas \96 we enjoy working w/ your company. Paublo

Thanks Chas and you guys have been great to work with. David

Chas! You rock. Thank you for taking the time to send referrals to us. I must admit to being very impressed. You know we will still use Leeper whenever possible. I appreciate how well you and Reggie take care of us! Amy

Thank you very much. The TAT is out of this world!! Love it. I will surely be calling you for appraisals!! Also will spread the word in my office. Thanks again and have a good day! Travis

Thank you for the quick turn around time. I will definitely use your company in the future and recommend you to my colleagues. Todd

Thank you I did receive it. Your fast response was greatly appreciated and it was great doing business with you. I am sure that you will be getting more business from us. Janette

Hi Chas~Thank you so much for taking the time, everybody else I called simply gave up.

Yawi J

I was very happy with the service from your company, and I would recommend your service at any time and to anyone. Thank You Very much , Joan

Thank you, my compliments on a job well done. With your permission I would like to submit you as a highly recommended appraisal service in the many relocation databases nationwide as well as ours and our affiliates south of the Mason Dixon Line and in the Northeast. Joe

I can tell you that you are my favorite appraisal company to work with (the fact that you and Chas Jr. are both so willing to step above the normal realm of the business world to help + the fact that Reggie is so helpful/responsive is appreciated). This is the second time in 2 months you have helped me and please accept my apology and our gratitude. I really appreciate all of your help. THANK YOU! Anne

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