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Affirmationsof Leeper Appraisal Services (via unsolicited emails)

That is the best service I have ever seen offered by an appraisal company. Thank you very much, Paul

Thank you for the confirm. Your company is by far out performing the rest of the industry in everyway imaginable. I am very grateful for your service and courtesy. I do a ton of refinance loans thru Lending Tree and will keep them coming your way! Thank you again, Daniel

Thank you very much for your quick response. It is a pleasure to deal with a company who is so on top of it. Denise

Chas, Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, much. Thank you, Carolyn

Chas, Thank so much for getting this done for us. Awesome job!!! Steve

For those looking for an appraiser who does OC, LA, and Ventura counties, please put this contact in your database. They're quick, accurate, on time, and keep you updated on schedules and processes every step of the way. They're a very professional company. I highly recommend them! Here's the contact info... John (this was an inter-office email that was forwarded to us)

Wow you guys are sure fast!!! Thanks for your help! Steve

Hi Chas, Thank you so much for your prompt response to my
request, I sincerey appreciate it. You are quick! Best Regards, Nicole

Chas, Thanks for the appraisal. I am looking forward to continuing to work with
you and your company in the future. Sincerely, Ambarish

Thank you for the quick turn around ! Julie

AS ALWAYS, you are the man. Thanks a million! We'll keep 'em comin'!!!!!!!!!! Steven

Thank you for all your help Chas. Hopefully I'll have a chance to work with you soon. I look forward to learning how to use this appraisal system of yours. I haven't seen anything like it (in the 8 months I've been Processing). Janny

Thanks, excellent!. Eric

Thanks for you help and speed on this file.. I appreciate it.

To Mr. Reggie Walls. It is me that owes you the thanks Reggie. I expect to send you all my business in the future.You have providedexcellent service to me and my customers, and I know we are going to do a lot of business together. Thanks again for everything, and I will be in touch. Sincerely, Scott

...great work as always. Joshua

Thank you very much Reggie For getting me the addenum so fast. I will be in touch. Scott

Fantastic! This is exactly what I needed. Thanks for responding quickly. Have a great day! Kristin

Thank you soooooooooooooo much, please send me some cards and your fee sheet, I am always looking for a good appraiser! Linda

Thank-you for such prompt response you guys are the best. Steven

Thanks Chas you will definitely have any of my so cal business. Aaron

Thank you so much! I will certainly keep you in my cardex! We appreciate your business! Elizabeth

Thank you for the excellent turnaround on this appraisal!!! Great job!!! Ray

We just wanted to send a huge "THANK YOU!!!" for getting this one done for us so quickly and efficiently. We really appreciate your hard work !! Thanks again, Melissa

thanks for moving so quick on that. Chris

Thank you for status, that is how this business needs to be conducted. Its nice to see you do it this way. Please keep me informed on what date the appraisal will be set for. Thanks Noah

thanks, you guys rock. David



Thank you so much!!!!! Hope to do more business soon!!!

Thank you very much for once again exceeding expectation! Duncan

Thanks so much for doing it soooo fast!!! Holly

  • California real estate is where we're at...

Thanks the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark

Thank you so much Chas! I love working with your company- Have a great weekend! Adrianna

Awesome. Thank You!!! Jessica

Thank you so much! You ARE the greatest! DeLainia

Thanks for the update!!!! Michelle

Chaz, several of the processors in our office just rave about you! Jeanette


You guys are awesome. Thanks! Steve

Hello Everyone,

This is the appraiser of choice to use when doing loans in Southern California. Prompt and courteous service. Reasonable fees. No excuses, and most important, professionalism and experience. This firm stands head and shoulders above the rest. If you want your loans to fund smoothly, then please request them on your next appraisal request. Ric (this was an inter office email)

  • We provide real estate appraisals for all needs

I really appreciate your very quick appraisal Chas ! You guys are the greatest ~ Carrie

Again thank you for you cooperation and fast service i have been mentioning to my managers and the other loan officers about you some are using you.Carlos

your welcome, thanks for a job well done. Sandy

thank you, you will get all my southern cal biz. i don't do a lot but what i do is yours. Chris

Thanks Chas. Your service is always tremedous. I don't know if you remember or not but I have used your services often when I was at SIB Mortgage. In fact, your service is so good I always refer other loan officers to you whenever they are in need of an appraisal in the LA area. They are always very satisified.Thanks again, Dennie

Your the best! Nancy

Thank you for the reply and the great service as always. Pamela

Got it...No Problem Thanks for the fast turn time, we will try to use you more in the future. I will convey to my office the pleasant experience we have had so far. Ray

  • Real estate appraisers for greater California

Well, you have always been good to us. My processor should have faxed over a request by now! Thanks much! Theresa

Thanks Dana/Chas! I really appreciate the fast turn-around. Karstin

Thank you for the fast and friendly service.Thank you thank you! We did not have a Southern CA appraiser anyone in the office was real happy with. You will get all of our orders from now on! Susan

Met with Mr. Poole, very nice man. Thank you. Nick

You guys are awesome!! Thanks for the speedy delivery...will work with you on the next ones I have in your area!!! Tracey

Thank you very much. You guys are on top of things. Have a good one. Bill Chas, Up to your usual impressive service! Thank you for your help! Daniel

Thank You, For the Next appraisal I need in your neck of the woods you will definately hear from me. Slate

No, I didn't see that! That's awesome! I love you guys!! DeLaina

  • Chas has been a real estate appraiser for over 19 years.


Thanks a bunch for your help. The customer will be very pleased. Much Regards -Nicholas-

I got it, thanks for the hard work Chas, and I will use you again. Good luck. David

Thanks so much for getting me this information! This is a wonderful way to communicate with your customers! Kimberly

Hi! Thanks for the good service! Wow! You guys are awesome! What other counties do you guys do?? Ly

Thanks so much for your hard work on this file! I really appreciate itJ Leslie

I am glad it is not yours either, you guys always do great!!!! Thanks, have a great afternoon!!!! Lois


  • 90% of what we do are home appraisals.

Chas, Wanted to thank you for being so informative with me. Hope we can do some business together in the future. Thank you, Luis

I received the land value Thank you so much for your time we will keep those orders coming. David

Chas, Yes. Thank you for your excellent service. Mike

Thank you so much Reggie, you're awesome !!!!! :) Sue

You guys are awesome. Thank you so much. Have a great day. Tom

You Rule. Peter

You all are great, thank you very much for your help. Thanks for getting that appraisal to me today. You guys are awesome. ~Jay~

Thank you, You guys are great! Brian

  • Real estate appraisal is our job

Thank You You all are the best. Chrisa

Thanks for letting me know Chas! The 4x'sthat i've ordered through your company, the appraisalswere done in a effecient amount of time and you kept me informedevery step of the way... I am copying the email below to myentire office, so that they knowhowmany areas younow cover! I'll keep trying to get you some more business - you're my "go to"company in California! Thanks, Steven

THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!!!! Ireally appriciate it. sonya

I look forward to doing business with your company in the furure. Thanks, Paul

Thank-you for your awesome customer service! Virna

Chas, Thanks a million. Very much appreciated. Gary

THANKS!!!!! for getting back so quick on this. Ginnie

You rock... Thanx man! Steve

  • Home appraisal is our specialty

Thank you for the expedient service. The favor will not be forgotten. I have already spoken to other L.O.s in our company about your quick turn around and professional service. If nothing else you will have my future business. Thanks for your support. Jonathan

Thank you very much, I appreciate the effort and promptness. -John

I appreciate your quick appraisal turnaround time!My co-workers had told me it could take quite a few days to get an appraisal done and thecompleted report back. Not with you! It was quick! Thanks again, Gail

First I would like to thank you for the quick and efficient way that you do business with us. I am happy to send more orders to you because I am very pleased. Steven

Jr. WOW Thank you for your prompt response. Pam

GREAT!!! Thanks Reggie. I appreciate how well you take care of us! Amy

You guys are the BOMB... Thanks for the fast turntime!!!!!! Steve

Thank you so much for your help!! We will be using your company again in the very near future. Linda

Thank you for the quick turn around time. I will definitely use your company in the future and recommend you to my colleagues. Todd


Thank you for the appraisal being sent, but I do have this appraisal 3 times, just so you are aware. I really do appreciate your thoroughness. -Diane

Thank you! Your awesome. Brooke

Thank you very much. I appreciate all of your hard work. It was pleasure working with you. Mirta

as always, it is a pleasure doing business with you. Phil

Thanks so much, you guys are the best!!!!!!!!! Rob

Chas,Thank you for the speedy response. You guys are really professional, it's greatly appreciated!Rob

Thanks! You guys rock!!!!!! Kimberly

Fantastic, Thank you again! Amy

Thank you. You guys are the best! Stuart

Thanks againfor all your help on this. You guys have been great to work with. Ryan

I must say your services are amazing. we are definately proceeding further. Thankyou so much for the service. Please call the barrower to set up the time for friday afternoon. thankyou. Chris

thank you for a wonderful job again!!! you guys are awesome! much appreciated! thank you guys so much!!! so fast so professional! this is so cool...and a higher value!!! YOU GUYS ROCK! thanks again,have a great weekend.Bo

wow. great job, thank you. expect future beusiness from me! Scott

I appreciate the help and I will keep you guys in mind whenever I have business that way. I will also refer my co workers to your company as well. Thanks Antonio

Thanks Great site!! I have a rep in our office James he will be calling you today about a property in Madesto. You guys ROCK!!! Dan

Yippee J You are the best, Here is the additional info so you can get started J Natasha


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